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Living in India and shopping for different kinds of stuff online through internet, you must have heard the
name of the shopping website, Myntra. Myntra is an e-commerce website where you will find fashion
and lifestyle items.
It has a wide range of products and brands you can shop from in its website. Myntra is an Indian company which has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded in 2007 with a view of selling personalized gift items. But, in the course of time and surviving the competition it shifted to sell clothing. Later in may 2014, it was occupied by Flipkart and now it is operating as one of its subsidiaries.
Myntra is one of the leading online Marketplaces and among the top on selling clothing and accessories.

how to sell on Myntra


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If you want your clothing and accessories’ products to be sold on Myntra, it would be wisest of your decision for your business.

This is so because selling products here will benefit your business in the
following way:-

 your profits and sales will increase
 your business will be able to fight the cut throat competition and survive in the market.
 brand recognition will improve
 customers will trust your product
 you will be able to do business 24×7
 and many more
So, if you are in the clothing business and want your business to grow and survive the competition, you must get your product (s) upon Myntra. Ecomsewa provides services to get your products on Myntra.


Ecomsewa is a place where you will find the solution to every e-commerce business problems and where you can get all the benefits of e-commerce business. In our services, we will do all the formalities that are required to sell on Flipkart and other marketplaces. If you want to sell your product on Myntra, you must contact us and learn how to sell on Myntra.


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