Paytm Revolutionary Business Model

Paytm Mall Business Model

Paytm is an Indian e-payment and e-commerce company. it was launched in 2010 and now it is used by a large number of people in India, thanks to its amazing cash back offers.

The name Paytm is short of Payment Through Mobile. Paytm, initially, was only an e payment application. But later it launched an e-commerce Marketplace named Paytm mall. 

top 10 e-commerce website in India


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Sell on Paytm Mall

Paytm mall has a large number of brands and products and due to Paytm’s user base, a large number of customers. Paytm mall is one of the leading e-commerce Marketplaces and selling on paytm mall will only increase your revenue and you will reap benefits.

Paytm mall will bring you benefits like:-

  • Increased Customers.
  • larger reach.
  • Increased Sales.
  • Improved brand value.
  • Improved brand recognition.
  • Customers will trust your products more


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